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It’s time for a new driveway! Or perhaps you’re thinking of extending your home interior outside with a new patio. Or maybe you’re breaking ground on a new home and are wanting a concrete foundation! Or perhaps you’re a commercial business and need new footpaths or parking lots.

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a concreter, but whatever the reason, make sure you hire the best. At Expert Concrete Mildura, we will handle all types of concreting jobs, regardless of size, and regardless of complexity. 

Sometimes concrete just looks like a boring grey sludge that becomes hardened into a boring grey ribbon. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right imagination, expertise and with a lot of skill, professional concreters like us can transfer boring dull concrete into a concrete patio that you invite your family and friends to use, or perhaps a path that shows of your backyard renovation at its finest.

Really, concrete is only boring until expert concreters like us mould it into something that helps you live out your dreams

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Expert Concrete Mildura will build and design your footpaths, your driveways; we will put down that all-important tough and durable foundation to your home, we will extend your entertainment space into a concrete patio, and perform any other concrete service you need. Garage floors, concrete slabs for basketball courts, and more.

Only your imagination can limit concrete’s uses.

And speaking of imagination, we also perform decorative concrete services? And what’s that? That’s stuff like stamped or stencilled concrete, coloured concrete, and exposed aggregate concrete. You can make your concrete paths, driveways, patios look beautiful, inviting and visually appealing with a variety of decorative services. If you want to be inventive with how you use concrete, we are the company that wants to be inventive with you.

About US

Mildura is a beautiful town, nestled against the Murray River. Our concrete contractors are dedicated to ensure that we provide the best of concreting services possible to the people of Mildura, and the towns of Wentworth, Irymple, Nichols Point and Merbein. We’re happy to have the opportunity to serve you and to help convert your ideas into concrete reality.

Concrete may look dull and cold, but it has done a lot to shape and mould our towns and cities into the places where we live and work. Think what our homes and towns would look like without the pivotal role that concrete plays.

It is our desire to improve and enrich the lives of the people we come into contact with. We know that our concrete driveways and patios, our concrete footpaths and foundations, will be around for a long time. Why would we not put our best efforts into something that will be around for so long?

Concrete can be as dull and boring, or as inventive and exciting and visually appealing as you like. Be inventive, if you can. You have a lot of opportunity to use patterns, colours and textures through concrete stamping, stencilling, colouring and exposed concrete aggregate, that your concrete jobs could become something that your neighbours notice, something that improves your curb appeal and increases your property value.

We’ve got your back. You’ve probably got a lot of questions. That’s ok. Call us, and we can help advise you on the best course of action for your concrete job. If you want to move ahead with a job, please call us also, or use the contact form provided. Our friendly staff is waiting to talk to you and are excited to get to work with you.

Our Concrete Mildura Services

Concrete Driveways Mildura

concrete driveway Mildura

There are many options you can take when thinking about designing and creating your driveway. Perhaps you want a modern, sleek looking driveway that blends perfectly into the natural flows of your land, or perhaps you are thinking of something a little more tradition – a grey ribbon leading to your front door.

Whether you are inventive or are more interested in practically, concrete is your best answer for your driveway material.

Concrete has been around for ages. Even builders in ancient times knew of concrete’s benefits. Concrete is very durable and can last for thirty or forty years with only minimal maintenance required. It has terrific thermal insulation; this means that concrete doesn’t get as hot on those baking Mildura summer days as other materials, and yet, during those cold winter nights, concrete also remains strong and durable, requiring little maintenance.

Perhaps you require parking space for heavy duty machinery like commercial trucks or other vehicles. A concrete driveway is great for that too. It is strong and durable enough to handle whatever heavy traffic you want to drive or park on it.

We offer decorative concrete services for your concrete driveway too. These include stamped and stencilled concrete, coloured concrete and also exposed aggregate concrete. Using all of these options, you can design a driveway that will totally stand out from your neighbours.

Concrete Walkways and Footpaths Mildura

concrete footpath Mildura

Are you wanting to put down a concrete footpath to your front door, or a pathway around your backyard showing off your latest backyard landscaping renovations, then we can help you with that. Concrete Walkways and Footpaths are great for increasing your curb appeal, and the perceived cost of your property, particularly if you are inventive with your use of our decorative concrete services.

Or perhaps you are a commercial business and want to draw in more customers. A beautiful, visually interesting footpath can help with that too.

Whatever the reason you have for wanting a walkway or footpath, we want to ensure that everything goes exactly the way you want it come construction day. Preparation is key to a great concreting job and a big difference between amateur and professional concreters. Sometimes it seems like pouring concrete is a breeze, but if that concrete is poured incorrectly on to ground that is not prepared for it, in locations where the flow of the land means that water will not flow away properly … you have the beginnings of a concreting disaster.

We’ve been doing concrete paths for a long time. And we look forward to converting your ideas into a great looking concrete path. Be inventive with your concrete ideas. A footpath need not look dull when concrete stencilling and stamping, and exposed aggregate concrete are all options and services that we provide.

Concrete Foundations Mildura

concrete foundation Mildura

If you want your building or structure to survive the test of time, it needs to have a very strong and firm foundation. And concrete is renowned for being strong, durable and for standing up against anything that is thrown at it.

Concrete slabs last for a long time and are the perfect material to use for the foundation of any structure you want to stay around for decades.

A concrete slab is not just important an important foundation for the family home or an office building, but for a wide variety of structures, included, but definitely not limited to sheds, garages, barns, air-conditioning units and pool pumps. Any structure that needs to be firmly anchored to hard-rock so that they can withstand anything that life and mother nature throw at it can benefit with a foundation made of a concrete.

It is important that you consider the importance of what is riding on the good and professional pouring and formation of a strong, durable concrete slab. It is your home, your business; ultimately, it is people, and you need to ensure that you bring in professional concrete foundation contractors like us from Expert Concrete Mildura. Once our foundations have been laid, you can be comfortable that you are building on a firm platform.

Concrete Patios Mildura

concrete patio Mildura

Imagine sitting outside, under the shade, as the sun goes down on a nice, warm Mildura day. The fresh air is invigorating and life feels great. Your family and friends have come around, and you are talking and laughing and eating together on your concrete patio, as the worries of the world pass you by.

What can be better than that?

Patios can help create a little slice of oasis that can be a perfect host throughout most of the year. It can be a great spot to bring family and friends together for a BBQ, or a place to bring out the ping pong table and show off your latest spin-serve moves. Whatever the reason for having a patio, you can customize your patio in many different and unique ways.

As concrete contractors, we enjoy it when our work brings people together. We want your finished concrete patio to be exactly as you envisioned, expertly poured and created to ensure it will last for years and years to come with very little maintenance.

And why not be creative with your concrete patio? A concrete rectangle grey patio will still draw your family and friends in, but imagine something more inventive. With our Concrete Stencilling, Stamping and Exposed Aggregate Concreting solutions, you can turn to your patio into a thing of beauty, something that can increase your property’s value.

We are looking forward to talking to you. If you have any questions, or need any design ideas, please call us. If you want to get on to schedule a time for us to come in, call us or leave your details in the contact form provided.

Concrete Repair Mildura

concrete repair Mildura

Even though concrete is a very resilient material, it will still require some maintenance and some care to ensure that it remains at top quality. Concrete driveways are susceptible to cracks and oil stains, and ignoring them can cause your driveway to become slippery and the surface unstable to walk on. Patios are outside all day every day, and that amount of rain and sunlight over the course of the years, can wear down the surfaces if your not careful to keep them properly maintained. Concrete footpaths also experiences cracking, and this can be because of earth subsidence or years of weather events. Cracked and uneven paths can be dangerous to those walking on them.

You can fix small cracks yourself, but small cracks often become big cracks very quickly if you ignore them, or fix them incorrectly. And big cracks become even bigger cracks, as the water gets into them and make the problem worse.

For all of your concrete repair requirements, call our expert contractors today, or enter your details into the contact form provided. Whatever the repair job that is required, our expert contractors are up to the task, and waiting to help you.

Concrete Stamping and Stencilling Mildura

stencilled concrete Mildura

Concrete is a very functional material. A grey ribbon of concrete for your driveway will do precisely what you want it to do. You can drive your car up and down it, without any worries. Grey rectangular footpaths will service you just right. They will direct you safely from point A and point B, and will last years and years.

There is nothing wrong with wanting something practical. There is nothing wrong with just wanting a simple concrete path, patio or driveway.

But if you want something more than just a ribbon of grey concrete, we also have some interesting decorative solutions available to you.

With stamped concrete, you can replicate so many different types of textures. You wouldn’t believe how concrete could be made to look like brick, stone and even wood or tiles. Be inventive with the stamping patterns, and you can imitate cobblestones, and even bark or water droplets. It is likely that you can do more with stamped concrete than you could think possible, so if you are interested in stamped concrete, give us a call for some inspiration.

Another decorative option is stencilled concrete. This has become more and more popular during the last few years. With a stencil, you can create beautiful and intricate patterns, shapes and motifs on your concrete surface. Imagine this on your concrete patios, driveways or footpaths, and consider just how much stencilling and concrete stamping can increase the visual aesthetic of your property.

And that equals a higher property value at market day.

It is amazing how creative you can be with concrete. So if you’re interested in being creative, call us for our decorative concrete services.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Mildura

exposed aggregate concrete Mildura

So, what exactly is Exposed Aggregate Concrete? Concrete is made up of stones and pebbles and sand in amongst the concrete mixture, and usually that is hidden below the smoothed down surface layer of concrete. However, with exposed aggregate concrete, that aggregate (stone, pebbles and sand) is exposed because the top layer of the cement is removed. What this gives you is a uniqueness to your concrete top layer. Because of the randomness of the stones, pebbles and aggregate, the look of your concrete is also random.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete is great in those areas where you concrete surfaces needs a little more grip. It can be used for driveways or walkways or even around the pool area, and the aesthetically pleasant look of the unique composition of the cement will improve your curb appeal, which will also help with your property value.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete has become a very popular decorative choice, and when you see it, you will understand why. Each job is unique, a one off, something that can not be repeated.

If you still have any questions, please call us. If you want to proceed further with a quote, also call us, or leave your contact details in the form provided.

Commercial Concreting Mildura

commercial concrete Mildura

We believe our expert concreting contractors are your best concreting option for any job your might envision. It doesn’t matter the size or complexity, we can cover it.

And all of these services that we’ve listed are not only available for residential home owners, but also Commercial and Corporate Business Owners and Property Managers.  Are you planning on a new commercial development? Call us to lay the concrete foundations, or concrete footpaths, driveways, parking lots or wheelchair ramps. Whether you are building a new retail store, an office building, or setting up a new Townhouse complex and require extensive concrete-work … we are your best option for all your concreting requirements.

Make a statement with your concrete. Concrete need not be dull; it can be inventive and aesthetically pleasing, and can make an impact to all who see it. Be creating with Exposed Aggregate Concrete, Concrete Stencilling and Stamping, or even concrete colouring, and different types of patterns and textures.

If you have any questions or need any advice, please call us. If you will to receive a free quote for your next concreting job, also call us or leave your details in the contact form provided. Our friendly staff are waiting eagerly for your call.

Imagine driving on that brand new, aesthetically pleasing concrete driveway. Imagine your new business built on a tough, solid concrete foundation. Imagine sitting under your patio with your friends, or walking your backyard on your new concrete paths. Call us to make that more than imagination.

For your free quote, call us or leave your details in the contact form and our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

We want to make your concreting imagination into concrete reality, and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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